Amelia is a true passionate.

Passionate about real estate and committed to offer an outstanding experience to her clients, Amelia Grich is a residential real estate broker in the Greater Montreal region.Her success is due to her strong work ethic, her unwavering commitment towards her clients, and her standards of excellence that she establishes and respects at each step of a transaction.In fact, most of her clients are referred to her by other clients, who were very satisfied with the service they have received throughout their sale or purchase process.Before becoming a realtor, Amelia cumulated many years of experience in marketing, communications, international business, management consulting and sales.With a Bachelor of commerce in Management and an MBA in Marketing from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, Amelia speaks many languages allowing her to cater to the needs of clients from different backgrounds.

In addition to her passion for real estate, Amelia believes in the importance of contributing to the community. She therefore volunteers on a regular basis in an organization in Montreal and occasionally in international programs abroad.

My objective : Exceed my clients’ expectations!

My philosophy :Give to each client the very best of myself

  • Good listener
  • Available
  • Proactive
  • Efficient
  • Ethical
  • Professional
  • Organized

Amelia, you became a real estate broker after spending many years as a marketing and communications consultant. What made you change careers?

I love when things move fast and my previous job environment didn’t. Over the years in my marketing career, I learned a lot and gained many enriching experiences, but at one point, I simply needed change that would bring new challenges. I felt that I had reached a “plateau”. When I shared my feelings with my best friend who is a realtor, he made me realize that I had all the qualities to succeed in this profession. He referred to my interpersonal skills, analytical thinking, and continuous need for achievement.

At first, I was more or less open to the idea. But the desire to be independent, manage my own business, and work at the fast pace that I like, convinced me to make the switch. And today, I feel that I should have done the move a while ago! I was definitely born for this.

I know that you are very appreciated, mainly, because you allocate plenty of time for your clients.

In fact, quite often, my clients ask me: “Am I your only client? With all the time that you’re spending with me, how do you even manage having other clients?” That’s exactly how I want my clients to feel. Whether they are buyers or sellers, they are going through a crucial stage of their lives; and that is why I am committed to offer as much time as possible to each and everyone of my them, and of course, the best of myself.

Vous aimez travailler avec les acquéreurs d’une première propriété?

I love it!

Meeting people, explaining the entire purchase process to them in detail, helping them make an informed decision, all based on their needs.

I take the necessary time to explain the expenses involved in the purchase of a property: how the welcome tax is calculated, how the municipal and school taxes are charged, the notary fees, the inspection cost… These are all expenses that buyers will have to budget for!

What satisfies you the most in your profession as a real estate broker?

It is the ability to go above and beyond my clients’ expectations. It can be the price, the inclusions, the delays of the transaction, the strategy proposed… etc. Regardless, I always do my best to obtain more for my clients. What an amazing satisfaction!